About Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is the general term used to describe the nausea symptoms caused by repeated movements when you’re travelling, such as going over bumps in a car or moving up and down in a boat.


It can also occur on fairground rides, while playing video games or using Virtual Reality headsets.


What causes motion sickness?

Motion sickness is usually caused by movements experienced when travelling by car, plane, train or boat.

The feeling of motion sickness happens when our eyes tell our brains that we’re not moving but our inner ears sense motion and the mismatch of information in the brain causes the sick feeling.

This happens in a place in the body called the vestibular system which coordinates balance and passes signals from the inner ear to the brain.

So, when we read a book while travelling or are inside a windowless cabin on a boat, our eyes think we’re stationary, but our inner ear senses the movement of the car, plane, train or boat and we start to feel motion sick.

Two little girls looking out of the window on an aeroplane


Who can suffer from motion sickness?

Motion sickness can affect more people than others, and it is unclear why this is.


Children under the age of age two are said to be almost immune to the feeling of motion sickness. Some children do become more susceptible as they get older.


Many are known to grow out of it altogether.


So, while your little ones may grow out of discomfort whilst travelling, there are still steps you can take to reduce the feeling of motion sickness.


What are the symptoms of motion sickness?

Motion sickness symptoms include dizziness, feeling cold, feeling weak, headaches, nausea, pale skin, sweating.


two women playing video games

Motion sickness and gaming

Motion sickness can very often occur in people who play video games or virtual reality gaming.

This happens for the same reason as the motion sickness you feel when travelling – you are stood still but your eyes are seeing movement and sending conflicting messages to your brain.

VR motion sickness can easily be reduced by taking regular breaks, opening a window to let fresh air into the room and lowering the headset brightness levels.

Gaming motion sickness caused by other devices can also be reduced by taking regular breaks, sitting instead of standing whilst playing and ensuring that you are sat a good distance from the screen.

Motion sickness tablets

Tablets, such as Kwells travel sickness tablets, can help to relieve symptoms of motion sickness.


Our motion sickness tablets contain Hyoscine Hydrobromide 300mcg which temporarily reduces the effect of movement on the balance organs of the inner ear and the nerves responsible for nausea.


If you have been prescribed motion sickness medication by your doctor, always follow any instructions they may have given you.


Motion sickness tablets are available at your local pharmacy or online.

Kwells travel sickness tablets

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